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Christy Bailey

Christy started working out at 18 years old after being inspired by a lady she worked with, who was a bodybuilder. She was tired of yo-yo diets and  of starving herself. After she tarted exercising she began learning about eating healthy and different workout techniques. Being fit & healthy made her feel so much better about herself & she decided she wanted to help others to feel the same as she did.

Christy joined a gym at 22 years old. After moving to a new city & changing jobs, she had gained approx 60 lbs and was more determined than ever to get it off. She dedicated herself to losing the weight the correct way and refused to gain it back. She researched different workout programs and healthy eating habits. She taught myself about being healthy. After 8 years of working full time for another company, she decided it was time to start focusing on personal training. It was the BEST career change ever made. Being a personal trainer is the most rewarding job for Christy and is her passion. She loves helping others learn about healthy eating and getting fit. Seeing  clients reach their goals is an awesome feeling.

She has been a personal trainer for a little over 8 years and worked at various gyms. So far she has helped clients to lose hundreds of pounds. Not only have they lost the weight, they’ve kept it off.  They are now living a healthy lifestyle and know what it takes to maintain it. She loves to challenge clients and find things they enjoy doing. Every client gets a customized workout program and meal plan. She also tries to make exercising fun and be creative.

In 2009, she competed in mher1st Bikini Competition. She  placed 3rd in her class. It was one of her biggest accomplishments to date. Sje wanted to compete for many years but did not have the courage to do so. With the encouragement of her husband and family, she conquered her fears.

Denise Patterson 

Denise and her husband, Jann have been married over 27 years and have two children Savannah, 22 and Robb, 16. They live in the Anderson/Lexington area and attend church at First Baptist Church of Anderson. She was a full time banker at CB&S Bank and retired last year and upgraded to the Grandma status!  She started attending Dance Fitness classes in Lexington over seven years ago and fell in love. In 2014 she took some training and started filling in when needed. Denise helps instruct our Dance Fitness classes. The plan is to always sweat, have fun and burn calories!!!

Jill Gamble


Jill and her husband Todd live on a farm in Five Points, Tennessee where she operates two chicken houses as her full-time job. They have two children, Layla and Tate. 

In 2014, Jill began running and cross training in different types of group exercise classes from water aerobics to kettlebell. She developed a love for distance running and has currently completed more than 10 half marathons. She loves teaching dance fitness because it is a fun and challenging way to get fit! She enjoys making new friends through exercise and helping them to achieve their fitness goals.

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